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Jeffrey M. Freedman aka Stiejn has been writing professionally (i.e. getting paid) for over 30 years in the USA, Canada, Prague, United Kingdom, Japan, France, Italy, Germany and Holland. Credits include Business Week, Barron's, National Law Journal, Asia Times, Studio, Los Angeles Times, New York Observer, etc. He is also a successful author and screenwriter. Read more


“I believe in this production which will please millions of fans. Jeffrey Freedman’s film is an important one and I have long been an admirer of Bach.”

Gerard Depardieu 


Screenwriter of "Bach" and "Vivaldi" productions 


AFM: Gerard Depardieu Joins Cast of Music Biopic 'Bach'

Max Von Sydow, Axel Milberg and Marianne Sagebrecht 

Gerard Depardieu has joined the cast of Bach, an upcoming biopic on the 17th century classic composer Johann Sebastian Bach. 

Max Von Sydow (Star Wars: The Force Awakens), Axel Milberg (Hannah Arendt) and Marianne Sagebrecht (Bagdad Cafe) will co-star. Read more

Vivaldi – 24 Seasons Later

Written by Jeffrey M Freedman

Writing the screenplay for a new film on the Italian composer was a labour of love

I had wanted to write a story about the life of Antonio Vivaldi (1678-1741) since I heard his music at age 11. I didn't know if the Vivaldi story I was intent on writing would be a fact-based novel, biography, theatre piece or screenplay. The more I immersed myself in Vivaldi's place and time, the more it became obvious it would have to be the basis for a film. Venice is such an inimitably exquisite, seductive visual canvas. One which could not be done justice in a book or on the stage. The music, the period costumes, the very atmosphere of Serenissima are all an indispensable part of the story. 

I spent 20 years dreaming about what a Vivaldi film would look like. How it should sound. What it should feel like. What the basic story structure would be. How the orphans, the governors of the church, state and orphanage would interact with Vivaldi. Read more


"Vivaldi" the ‘Vivaldi’ the screenplay for a new film about on the Italian composer was a labour of love.

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